Galactic Empire (Article 1)

Title - Getting Back Up

Galactic empire and the reality of life. I tell what I see; and I've seen much in this Virtual game. I can see such a clear parallel between both worlds... The GE world and the real world.

During my time on GE 2, I have seen so many weak players. I have observed that even the Strong players are weak. I watched a player climb up so high, as high as rank 8 of 5000. When this player reached this rank, he got attacked and lost a great deal of resources and fleets as well as defenses. But even with all of that loss, this player only dropped down to rank 89 with 70% active defenses and at least 5 moons. This player was indeed strong in the virtual world of GE but was he strong in reality?

I question if this player has a personality rich with true substance. Substance is this character that people develop; it is like the underlining Spirit of a person; the place where either courage or brokenness is found. This player must have lost his courage, because the courage to keep going in the game was not found in him. Such courage arises through the substance that had been developed over experiences of defeats and wins. I perceive that this player had never experienced defeat in GE before hence doesn't really know that failure is a thing to be embraced when it occurs. This is because it is able to incur growth in a player that will let it.

We must allow the downfalls that we experience in a virtual world such as GE to prepare us for the ups and downs of reality. With many more articles delivered weekly, members of Galactic Unity will come to understand how to play GE and acquire life skills and in fact, discipline the amount of time spent on it which will then breed the need for strategy. This, in turn will build up the mind... Hence one can be certain that time spent on GE is not wasted but is actually an investment to the mind. The unfortunate story of this player was that, he couldn't find the courage to rebuild the loss he incurred and sadly few days later, I saw the sign "I" which means inactive for 7 days or more...

Hope you enjoyed it... Please inbox me for any questions or further discussions on this weeks article.

Galactic Empire (Article 2)

Title: A Moon comes out of Pain to develop a Strong Personality

The Primary Celestial Body of every galaxy, is the planet of every player; and this orbits the Sun of the galaxy it's in. Work is done on every planet to build it strong; patience is always exercised when someone is waiting for their Researches to build; knowing that they have enough resources to climb to level 5 straight in one go.

But fortunately, the game is designed to make you wait for the good things. For example, having your mines at a high level will surely produce a great amount of resources per hour.

Has anyone ever imagined what the game would be like if one can just get a Plasma Turret or a Death-Star so easily? Because, sometimes I wish I could just get a taste of a Death-star's awesome capabilities. But we learn that, whatever is good and of great quality has to be attained through Hardworking and Endurance. The good things don't come easy or cheaply. And this is reflected in our daily lives. Just like keeping many Plasma Turrets (expensive to develop) in your planets will ensure a degree of safety to your fleets and resources in a virtual world, so does going to university and having a degree will promise some degree of safety to your future in the real world.

The Moon, which is a Secondary Celestial Body that orbits a planet is an example of a possession that is of great value and usefulness.

A Moon is a Planet's natural satellite and in the virtual world, it permits the following:

• It allows one to build on it, hence providing room for even more growth within the empire.

• It also allows you to deploy fleets and to develop great defensive systems within it.

• It's main function is that it permits a higher intelligent espionage faculty; whereby a player can study and stalk the movement of another, without their awareness. What a deadly weapon!!! Also, denying you from any detection while your fleet is at flight.

• Finally, for those who are diligent and excellently committed, a moon allows the feature "Jump Gate".

Simply to prove my point, a moon is not attained easily. It is generally developed through great loss and hardship after an attacked has taken place in a person's empire. Let us therefore consider this; if an attack powerful enough is not waged, a type that causes all sort of damages etc., a moon and all its functionality cannot be attained.

Therefore, a moon is a desirable possession that is greatly useful in every empire, but hardwork, pain, and patience has to be experienced in order to possess such a thing.

The conclusion of the matter is summed up in a famous quote that says; "Count it all joy... when you meet trials of various kinds... for you know that the testing of your person produces life skills"  because a moon is formed in the trial of a costly attack on the planet. A personality that is strong and extremely useful is developed when we experience hard times of various kinds and magnitude.

Living Doctrine

Galactic Empire (Article 3)

Title: Efficient Investment in both Real and Virtual Worlds.

Permit me to challenge your strategy on GE. All GE players can be categorised into just about 3 group of players:

• The fleeters

• The Miners

• Defence specialists

The characteristics of fleeters are observed very widely around many young people. In the virtual world, fleeters build up a great collection of fleets; they invested in powerful ships and for this reason, when they accumulate just enough ships they begin raiding planets and developing fast. Therefore, we see this traits in all fleeters that at lower level, they experience a fast growth until they become trapped in that mentality of fleeting; hence they develop even a greater quantity of fleets in order to crash other fleets so as to feed and to grow. Fleeters at times forget that what they invest so much in building will someday be destroyed. In order words, theirs always someone higher up who is able to destroy all of it. Even when you are rank 1; ACS can take you down. Such player will fall down to zero. There isn't anything wrong in fleeting but a person who commits all and dedicate everything to a substance that can be destroyed in a second, hence bringing all profits to zero; such person must reconsider their ways. In my early days of playing GE (ogame); I was impatient and was over excited about all the fleets I possessed but it is always great tears when you see that you had nothing when all the fleets are destroyed.

A reassured future in GE is such that investment is made with the application of wisdom; whereby fleets which can be destroyed at anytime are less focused on but mines which will promise you safety and unlimited growth are surely a better investment. When patience is applied, mines will get you to wherever you need to be no matter how long it takes.

The moral of my challenge against the strategy of GE players is that; in life, the simplest things and the most attractive things of now and of this present days might seem like the best things to invest our life and time in. But all of these things only last a moment and they are gone; all gone. Sadly, we've invested time, money, heart and all spirit into it; only for it all to be washed away. In life, let us be patient and full of endurance in order that we may invest in things that will last forever. Let us live consciously; not being easily tempted by those "fun" things that will destroy the future. Rather, love will last forever. The application of love in everything we do is what makes our possessions last forever. Every single thing on Galactic Empire speaks loudly to us... Let us try listen to hear what they say.

The series continues next week discussing MINERS.

Living Doctrine.

Below is this week's article!!!

Galactic Empire (Article 4)

Title: Efficient Investment in both Real and Virtual Worlds (Part 2).

The previous week's article talks about the three categories that players can be grouped in. These are listed below as follows:

- The Fleeters

- The Miners

- Defence specialists

Last week, the focus was mainly on the characteristics of being a fleeter and the pros and cons of choosing this strategy of playing GE. This week, the focus is on Miners.

Miners are those who are driven further into growth by constantly improving and developing the stage and quality of their mines. These are players that play GE with insightful knowledge concerning efficiency of mine production due to location. Knowing that a colder planet produces more deuterium per hour, such players as these ones put all of these things into consideration when they are choosing the location for their new colonies. These players basically climb up the rank page mainly on their mine's productions. They also develop in virtues such as patience; it does take patience to be able to wait to get enough resources to get some of the mines up to great levels.

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On behalf of Living Doctrine- BOBIBO

Article 5: (Defence Specialists) 

Last week we talked about miners and how their investment is crucial to their growth. Today we focus on defence minded players(DMP)

Do DMP always build their defence in order to have a smooth growth? Or is it something that is acquired instinctively, knowing of its usefulness? Be it virtual or real world, it is that simple. If we don't want to get attacked, then we protect ourselves. Investing resources on defence will surely reduce the probability of that any player will attack you. But of course this does not guarantee you a 100% safety. I remember a member of GU stating that ''a player will only attack you when he will benefit from the attack, otherwise he has a grudge against you'' . When a player spies and see great amount of defence, he has two option: to let it be or stimulate the battle to confirm whether it will be beneficial to him before he decides to attack. In real world, having a dog or security guard will reduce the chance of thieves attempts and even thought it still has some flows(thieves can still break in), how does this make you different from your unsecured neighbor? A thief finds it easier to break into a house with no or very low security, just like it would be easier to catch a flu in a cold weather as a result of not wearing warm clothes. 

Having said that, in GE defence is also used a foundation. I have seen a certain member of GU in the top 200 for defence but this same player is also in the top 200 for fleet (Bigfella) really are a big fella aren't you? Having a decent foundation of defence will give you confidence and hence one can produce a desire amount of fleets. In football(soccer) there are players who are good at defending but also like to attack. They know they know how to defend so they will attack because they can always get back and defend, at the same time ready for another attacking opportunity. Converting this into GE, just like our friend bigfella it is possible to hold a decent defence but also enough fleets to attack or assists in acs. So there you see defence is not all about defending, but protecting: 'mine and protect' or 'fleet and protect'.

Even a safe route could cause us issues, so it is better to be cautious and learn to take no risks in our lives so that we keep ourselves safe in order to move safely and achieve our goal.

I apologize for posting late guys...hope you enjoyed!


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