I know you guys want moons so badly:

Step1: have at least 2 rips.
Step2: build 2 sets of either 847lf or 57bs or 287lc or 847sc, any combination of your choice.
Step3: The planet you want your moon on, deploy your rips to.
Step4: Make sure to have at least 40recyclers at the planet you want the moon on.
Step5: Call for two suicide pilot (probes) ACS from your allies for your two sets separately. So they hit the planet with rips at two separate, but close times.
Step6: right before they hit, send out your recyclers, then after they both separately hit, recall your rec, and recycle! 
PS You May want some defenses and to evacuate all other ships on planet before they hit.
If no moon, try again.

~ Sincerely with hopeful regards,
                                                       ~Guardian Tron

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